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  • Heart and mind: hormones
  • Coronary procedures
  • Cardio-vascular diagnostic workshop: what complaints and symptoms may indicate
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • How to recognize angina and heart attack: the precipitating factors & anginal pain
  • Echocardiography: what information can the doctor get from an echo?
  • Heart and mind: medication
  • Angina
  • Can heart attacks and re-infarctions be prevented?
  • Echocardiography: what is a dobutamine stress echo?


    Offbeat Magazine by Alexander Varty::

    ...Tweedale is only 26, but he's already beginning to develop a signature sound that draws on blues, bluegrass, and Indian classical music, as as jazz and rock. Like his colleagues in the Orchid Ensemble and the Bill Horvitz Trio, he's a happy hybridizer, which just might be the defining characteristic of the music now being made on the Pacific Ocean's western shores—and one big reason why it's more fun to be here than almost anywhere else.

    The Georgia Straight ::

    ...Also impressive was the Blue Island Trio: led by slide guitarist Tim Tweedale, the group plays a more rocking version of the 'strang' music popularized by local hereos Steve Dawson and Jesse Zubot.


    Friday, June 22nd – Vancouver Jazz Festival

    Wednesday, June 25th – Lillooet, BC

    Friday, June 27th – Smithers, BC

    Saturday, July 28th – Kispiox Festival

    Sunday, July 29th – Kispiox Festival

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