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           Steel guitarist Tim Tweedale brought together the Blue Island Trio in Fall 2003 at the behest of a Vancouver ethnomusicologist, who required some Hawaiian music for a Luau. The band was quick to realize a shared passion for bluegrass, jazz, Latin and Indian music. Fusing these styles led to the creation of a sound filled with sweet and sorrowful melodies, compelling rhythms and deep grooves. photos

             In its first year together, the trio has been featured on CBC Radio One's North by Northwest and Studio One Sessions.   They have also played at a number of festivals throughout the lower mainland including the Listen Up! Festival, the Harmony Music Festival, the Dragonboat Festival and First Night.

                In January 2004, the group completed its first full-length album, Resonance (available in Vancouver's independent record stores, and through the group's website).   Currently, the group is busy playing festivals, clubs and gatherings throughout the lower mainland, and has completed its second album, Beachglass, slated for official release in early 2007.

    Tim Tweedale:
    Tim discovered his propensity for all things stringed with a ukulele at the age of seven. Since then he has added dobro, pedal steel and bouzouki to the gamut of instruments he plays. Tim studied music at Vancouver Community College.   While studying jazz guitar, classical composition and world rhythms he worked constantly to apply this knowledge to his first love; Hawaiian steel guitar.   VCC was integral in the development of his musical voice, and as a place to meet many other fine musicians.

    David Spidel:
    David is a diverse player, adept in many musical styles which range from rock, jazz and Latin music to fusion, hip hop and electronica.   David has performed and recorded with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Roger Swan of Swollen Members and Sal Ferreras of Safa. He currently endorses Washburn Basses, MarkBass Amplification, and Digitech. Some other current projects include Martone and the West Coast Symphony. You can find out more about David at his website: members.shaw.ca/davidspidel

    Brendan Krieg:
    Brendan Krieg showed musical promise at the age of four when his teacher noticed he could keep good timeon a triangle. It wasn't untill his teens when he would finally start to jam with friends and music took a central role in his life. Expanding his horizons, Brendan studied at VCC where he formed many strong musical alliances.   He then went east to Concordia University in Montreal and graduated with a degree in music. Brendan has played jazz with Dave Turner, Dal Richards and Shiela Jordan. He has played Latin Music with Sal Ferreras and John Korsrud, and traditional African music with Kocassale Dioubate and Munkey Ncapayi. Brendan currently lives in Vancouver where he performs with several jazz, funk and fusion bands. He is also active teaching, recording and touring.