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  • Heart and mind: hormones
  • Coronary procedures
  • Cardio-vascular diagnostic workshop: what complaints and symptoms may indicate
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • How to recognize angina and heart attack: the precipitating factors & anginal pain
  • Echocardiography: what information can the doctor get from an echo?
  • Heart and mind: medication
  • Angina
  • Can heart attacks and re-infarctions be prevented?
  • Echocardiography: what is a dobutamine stress echo?



    The echo test is an invaluable minefield of information. With this test the doctor can determine:

    the pumping ability of the heart {ejection fraction)

    the sizes of the various chambers of the heart, and whether any chamber is dilated

    the thickness of the muscle of the heart

    whether any portion of the heart has been affected by a heart attack

    the condition of various valves in the heart and whether any valve is narrowed or leaky

    presence and location of holes in the heart

    presence of a blood clot {thrombus) within the heart

    state of the envelope around the heart {pericardium)

    the result of various interventions on the heart (e.g., valvuloplasty for narrowed valves, or surgery for closure of holes in the heart) the functioning of artificial valves in the heart infection of the heart valves (endocarditis).


    Cardio & Blood


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